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English Costume of the Nineteenth Century

by John Laver and illustrated by Iris Brooke

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Personal stuff

I’m moving to Germany today and I’m just soooo excited! I’ll be a volunteer in a school canteen in Erbach for a year. It’s close to Ulm, which is between München and Stuttgart… Sooo I’ll be a little bavarian girl, hehe <3 I made a sideblog to write down my adventures, so if you’re interested in my new life in Erbach, you can follow it here.

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Not with a Fizzle, But with a Bang

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Joe Collier Backstage @ Thom Browne Spring/Summer 2014 | Paris Fashion Week

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Nem is tudtam, hogy Vágó Gábornak van tetoválása.

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A model applying makeup in Central Park, New York City, 1955. Photo by Frank Paulin.

How I feel when I go on photoshoots with Ákos.

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is that dick gluten free

is that pussy kosher